Delek Group owner Yitzhak Tshuva seems to have a penchant for top cops. Yesterday one of his many companies, Delek Israel, announced it has hired former police commissioner Moshe Karadi to run Delek Pi-Glilot, a fuel storage and distribution company that operates in Ashdod, Jerusalem and Be'er Sheva. In August, Delek Pi-Glilot won a Government Companies Authorities tender to run the fuel storage facilities in Ashdod.

Karadi isn't the first policeman to find his post-public career fortune in Tshuva's Delek Group. Gabi Last, former commissioner and commander of the Tel Aviv Central District, has been chairing Delek Group for several years now, after serving as general manager of the Israel Insurance Association.

Karadi left the police six months ago after four years' service as commissioner.

"Moshe Karadi brings a wide range of knowledge and experience that will help Delek Israel realize its goals in infrastructure and fuel procurement," commented Delek Israel chief executive Eyal Lapidot.