A Tel Aviv court on Sunday rejected a plea by Anat Kamm, a former soldier arrested for leaking secret military documents to the press, to ease the terms of her house arrest.

Kamm had sought permission to leave the house for up to two hours each day to "get some fresh air".

But a judge ruled that the order for house arrest was not subject to appeal, as Kamm's circumstances had not altered since her detention.

In mid-April a court ruled to toughen the terms of Kamm's arrest, ordering her to remain under supervision of one of four nominated family members at all times.

In late April police raided Kamm's rented apartment in Tel Aviv after unauthorized family members visited her there.

Kamm faces trial on espionage charges after giving Uri Blau, a Haaretz correspondent, classifeid miltary papers detailing an allegedly illegal assassinations policy operated by the IDF against Palestinian militants.