A Canadian judge ruled on Monday that a suspect in a bombing that killed four people outside a Paris synagogue in 1980 should be extradited to France.

Justice Robert Maranger, however, told the suspect, Hassan Diab, he would not be surrendered to France for 30 days, during which time he has the right to appeal.

Diab is a Lebanese-Canadian, of Palestinian origin, and was arrested by Canadian police in 2008 after French judges issued an international arrest warrant for him.

The bomb, placed in a bag attached to a motorbike that was parked outside the synagogue in Rue Copernic, exploded minutes before the start of the Jewish Sabbath, just before a crowd was due to emerge from the synagogue.

Diab maintains his innocence and says the evidence is based on flawed handwriting analysis comparing his writing with that found on a Paris hotel registration card in 1980.