A video showing Border Police officers manhandling a Palestinian man in East Jerusalem while carrying out arrests in a Palestinian village outside Jerusalem on Thursday was been posted on YouTube after being recorded by one of the man's neighbors. The clip shows Faraj Sub-Labn, a man of around 60, collapsing on the ground after being shoved onto a parked military vehicle near his home in the northern Jerusalem village of Dahiat Al-Barid.

Sub-Labn and two other people at the scene required medical care, including a son of Sub-Labn who says one of the officers sprayed him with paper spray when he tried to assist his father. Sub-Labn was taken by a Magen David Adom ambulance for medical treatment.

Six arrests were made during the incident, which reportedly began when a Border Police unit patrolling the area suspected that a teenaged nephew of Sub-Labn had thrown rocks at them from a nearby construction site. The family's home is adjacent to the separation barrier west of Jerusalem, near the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Neveh Ya'akov. The Border Police unit came to the house to arrest Sub-Labn's nephew and another suspect.

Eyewitnesses say things began to spin out of control when Sub-Labn began arguing with the officers, who tried to forcefully subdue him.

In the video Sub-Labn can clearly be seen talking to one of the officers in an attempt to calm the situation. He can also be seen trying to persuade the suspect to give himself up for arrest in order to prevent the officers from entering the house to apprehend him. At one point Sub-Labn can be seen pulling the fleeing suspect forcefully and handing him over to the Border Police, after which one of the officers screamed at Sub-Labn not to touch him.

"Get your hands off of me," the police officer screamed, before shoving Sub-Labn backward.

After most of the officers had left the area the commander of the Border Police force ordered his men back into Sub-Labn's home, in order to arrest another suspect who was hiding inside, according to the commander.

"I'm standing in front of the house and I tell him you're not coming into this house, you don't have permission," Sub-Labn related, at which point the commander jumped at him and shoved him at one of his soldiers, who forced him onto the armored vehicle.

"They dragged me along the ground, threw me, and I lay on the ground," he said."

The Border Police said in a statement that the video "documented the arrest of suspected rock-throwers and repeated attempts by local residents to prevent the legal arrests. Shortly before the arrests Border Police troops were caught up in violent disturbances and rock-throwing, and began to pursue one of the two rock-throwers who were hiding in the home of local residents.

"Dozens of people gathered at the home and began attacking the officers in order to prevent the arrest of the lawbreakers. Six local residents were arrested in the incident, including the man who was filmed being pushed by the officers after he tried to prevent the arrest of one of the suspects. The site is a frequent focus of public disturbances and violence that the [Israeli] forces are forced to deal with. The Israel Police and Border Police will continue to treat lawbreakers and disturbers of the peace with a strong, uncompromising hand," the Border Police said in its statement.