Three men have been arrested on suspicion of breaking into the court
system's computers and stealing classified material, police said on Monday.
One is a former police officer who once presided over investigations of
computer crimes.

The chief suspect is blogger Moshe Halevy, 42, better known as Halemo, police
said. He allegedly identified the breach in the system's security, used it to
download classified material and then sold this material.

Another man, identified only as a 42-year-old from Holon, is suspected of
helping him.

The third suspect is attorney Boaz Guttman, a former senior officer in thepolice's fraud squad whose job included investigating computer crimes. He is suspected of having received some of the classified material.

The theft came to light four months ago, when the indictment in the case of a
brutal rape in a Tel Aviv parking garage was leaked and published even though
the court had issued a sweeping gag order on its contents as soon as it was
filed. The indictment was deemed so secret that even the victims weren't
allowed to see it. But the very next day, Halevy published it on the Internet,
according to police.

The prosecution then complained to the police, which began an undercover

Police also found evidence that this material - including details about the state's key witness, whose identity is supposed to be under a gag order, and the testimony of people questioned in the case - was transferred to a third party.

Halevy also allegedly downloaded documents in many other cases involving politicians, public figures and major criminals. Some of those documents could endanger people involved in some of these cases, police said.

Halevy's arrest led to the arrest of Guttman, an expert in computer crimes who has represented Halevy in previous criminal cases. The third suspect is thought to have helped Halevy break into the database; classified documents were also found on his computer, according to police.