Israeli bank workers are traveling the world this summer, and spending little of their own money to do so thanks to their employers' generosity. A total of 4,500 employees of Bank Hapoalim are already packing for a vacation in southern Italy that will cost each just NIS 1,800. Leumi's union is offering members subsidized deals such as nine days in Moscow, five in Berlin or four in Prague for between NIS 400 and NIS 1,500. The union is organizing a Caribbean vacation in March for members, while the bank's middle managers are being offered two weeks in the United States for only $100.

Union Bank employees are off to China for two weeks, for just NIS 2,600.

Vaadim, a firm that gathers data on employee benefits provided by unions and management, said that while the unions are boycotting Turkey as a vacation destination for their members local Israeli sites have not become an alternative.