As Holland and Spain head into the World Cup final, it seems the Iberians have quite a few weighty pundits on their side. Beyond Paul the psychic octopus, Israel's top bankers and capital market players also have had a word on the matter.

The likes of Discount Bank Chairman Yossi Bachar, First International Bank of Israel Chairman Jack Elad, Bank Leumi chairman Eitan Raff and Leumi Card CEO Dani Cohen say Spain is destined to win.

"They're better," commented Bachar. "My son likes them," Elad explained.

Those who dare contradict them include supermarket strongman Rami Levy, who's rooting for Holland.

"There have been some surprises, like Germany beating Argentina," said Levy. "But I want Holland to win, and believe it will happen. Furthermore, I want them to win because of their positive attitude toward Israel."