A car belonging to an Arab student at Safed Academic College was vandalized Thursday night while it was parked outside his rented apartment.

On Friday morning, Ali Mustafa discovered that the car's side mirror had been broken, the sides scratched and the hood bent out of shape.

Mustafa, who along with two friends was assaulted several weeks ago by about 30 local teens, said the unknown perpetrator or perpetrators also wrote "Leave, Arab!" on his car but that he quickly erased the words "out of shame."

Three suspects have thus far been charged so far in the assault incident, in the course of which a bullet was fired from a weapon belonging to one of the defendants.

The incidents highlight rising tensions over the increased number of Arab residents of Safed, most of whom are students at the college who rent apartments in the city. Last week, dozens of chief municipal rabbis signed a Jewish religious ruling prohibiting Jews from renting homes to non-Jews. About two weeks ago, Safed Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu and other prominent rabbis issued a similar call.

On Friday, meanwhile, about 60 residents of Pardes Hannah demonstrated outside the home of the town's rabbi, David Tzedekah, to protest his signing the ruling.

Two of the demonstrators, who spoke with Tzedekah in his home, said afterward that he promised to remove his name from the document.