Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi is due to arrive in Ramallah from Cairo on Saturday to discuss financial aid and diplomatic efforts to re-launch Palestinian-Israeli peace talks.

Al-Arabi will go to Ramallah, via Amman, joined by Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr. The two are expected to arrive in a Jordanian Air Force helicopter so as to avoid passing through Israeli checkpoints.  

The trip is a solidarity visit following a recent United Nations vote upgrading the Palestinians' status to that of a "non-member state," sources at the airport said.

They will meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss ways to urge Arab countries to carry out their pledges to provide a previously announced "financial safety net" to the Palestinian Authority.

They will also discuss a decision by an Arab League ministerial committee to hold talks with the UN Security Council, the United States, Russia, China and the European Union on a mechanism to relaunch Palestinian-Israeli peace talks.