Israeli Arabs are subjected to humiliating treatment at Ben-Gurion International Airport just because of their ethnicity, MK Nadia Hilou said Sunday. Hilou added that she intended to write a letter of complaint on the matter to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

In her letter, Hilou said she intends to complain about how the airport's security officers treated her twin daughters last Sunday when they flew for a holiday in Prague. The two women - both studying for their master's degrees - were taken aside where their luggage was thoroughly frisked in plain sight of other passengers, Hilou said.

The MK filed an official complaint with the Israel Airports Authority, which is responsible for security procedures at the airport. The authority's spokesperson said the organization is studying the complaint, adding that the treatment the two women received "was according to protocol."

Hilou's daughters told her of the incident only after they returned to Israel last week. They said that after the frisking, a security officer was assigned to accompany them, presumably to make sure she did not receive anything to take onboard the plane.

"What happened to my daughters demonstrates what is happening to the entire Arab public in border crossings, and it is unacceptable," the complaint read.