Anat Kam, the 23-year-old ex-IDF soldier charged for allegedly appropriating top secret documents during her military service and then passing them to a Haaretz reporter, told Channel 2 on Saturday that she hopes the matter will be over soon and that it will be taken in proper perspective.

Kam said that she is doing okay and apologized for not being able to discuss the case in detail.

"Understand the legal sensitivities of this," she said. "Everything I say is problematic."

Kam is accused of appropriating 2,000 documents, 700 of which were classified as "top secret" while serving in the IDF's Central Command in 2007. After her army service, Kam went on to work for the Walla news agency.

Among the materials Kam allegedly transferred to Haaretz reporter Uri Blau were files showing that high-ranking Israel Defense Forces officers had approved targeted assassinations of wanted Palestinians who could have instead been detained - authorization that violates a High Court ruling against such actions. The material gathered in these documents allegedly formed the basis for an article Blau published in Haaretz Magazine November 2008.

Kam has been under house arrest at her Tel Aviv home for four months. On Thursday, the Tel Aviv District Court partially lifted the gag order on the case, which has received attention from the foreign press in recent weeks.

Kam faces two counts of aggravated espionage - one for the passing of classified material with the intent to harm national security, a charge typically carrying a life sentence; the other for gathering and possessing secret information with the intent to harm national security, a charge carrying a maximum penalty of 15 years.

Haaretz is currently negotiating with the legal authorities to ensure that Blau will not face charges upon his return to Israel. Blau is currently in London.