Major General (res.) Yaakov Amidror yesterday lambasted the disengagement plan, saying it would turn Gaza into a "shelter for Al-Qaida."

Amidror made his comments in a speech at the Herzliya Conference.

A fierce argument erupted between Amidror and Sharon's senior adviser, Dov Weisglass, during his address.

"The disengagement plan will turn Gaza into the only shelter state in the world for the Al-Qaida organization," Amidror said.

Weisglass, one of the architects of the disengagement plan, retorted, "I cannot and do not intend to compete with him in the ability to terrify and make threats."

Amidror responded, "I would like to believe that it is Mr. Weisglass' lack of experience and nothing else. If it is not inexperience, it is extremely grave that he is repeating his old mistakes. Keep counting the minutes. You're used to it. You're a lawyer. You speak for money, I speak for free."

Weisglass replied: "We must try, try, try until the end of days." He emphasized that the disengagement plan is not a final plan, "but a careful step to test what is going on and see how reality is being molded, and if things don't develop as expected - we'll stop."