The Second Television and Radio Authority may unify the news broadcasts of the commercial channels - or broadcast from the Home Front command offices - in the event of an ongoing emergency, such as an attack on Iran.

The Authority's acting general manger Ayelet Matzger sent a document to the news company directors channels 2 and 10, informing them that the authority is currently updating the procedures concerning broadcasts during an emergency state. Matzger requested the news companies' reaction to the possibility of "routing channel 2 and 10 news, in the case of a broadcast interruption, to channel 2 or channel 1," and "unifying news' studios if needed," as well as preparation for broadcasting news from a substitute studio or the Home Front Command studios.

Some media outlets began preparations several months ago, for a possible counterstrike against Israel. The Israel Broadcasting Authority has recently put into use its emergency studios in Haifa, and the IBA general director yesterday informed department heads of further preparations, such as the use of armor-protected facilities in Be'er Sheva and Jerusalem.