Online retail giant Amazon has come under fire over the sale of a jigsaw puzzle depicting the crematorium at Dachau concentration camp.

The 252-piece puzzle, sold as suitable for children aged eight and over, was offered on for $24.99, but was not available on the seller's German site.

At Dachau, a Nazi camp near Munich, some 200,000 people were imprisoned during World War Two, among them Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and political prisoners. Between 30,000 to 40,000 people died there before camp's liberation in 1945.

Conservative politician Gerda Hasselfeldt, a former government minister and vice-president of the German Bundestag, sent Amazon a furious letter, which was published by Der Spiegel, in which she wrote: "This is a real slap in the face for concentration camp survivors and relatives of victims." 

"The Dachau memorial is a place of remembrance for the suffering of countless victims. It cannot be in Amazon's interest to sell such a game," Hasselfeldt added, According to French news agency AFP.

As of Monday morning, the link to the page advertising the sale of the Dauchau puzzle was inaccessible. However, a similar puzzle depicting a crematorium at another camp, Czechoslovakia, was still available for sale.