Attorney General Menachem Mazuz has slammed former Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit for using information gained during his time as the head of the espionage agency to advance the interests of the Merhav firm, an investment group controlled by Yossi Maiman, where he now works.

Shavit said in an interview with Haaretz last month that buying Palestinian gas would ultimately support terrorism.

Merhav is a partner in EMG, an Israeli-Egyptian venture that is competing with British Gas to supply gas to Israel.

CCC, a company belonging to the Khoury family of Lebanon, owns a 30 percent interest in the gas reserves off the Gaza Coast, Shavit told Haaretz in the interview. (Another 60 percent of the Palestinian Authority's gas reserves are owned by British Gas, with the remaining 10 percent being held by the PA, Shavit said.)

Following the interview, National Infrastructure Minister Yosef Paritzky asked the attorney general to check whether Shavit had made illegal use of information derived from his days in the security forces. "Shavit is clearly trying to promote the economic interests of the company employing him by improper means," Paritzky wrote to Mazuz.

In Mazuz's letter to Shavit, details of which were released on Sunday, the attorney general says that he has decided not to launch criminal proceedings against Shavit, but condemns him for making use of such information. Mazuz hints in his letter that if this happens again, the attorney general may have to take tougher action.

The Justice Ministry said Sunday that after Mazuz sent the letter, Shavit transferred clarifications on the matter to the ministry, which he claims prove that he was not at fault. A Justice Ministry spokesman said Sunday that the matter would be examined.