After an unusually stormy weekend for April, the wind and rain will ease off Sunday, though temperatures will remain lower than usual and showers are still possible. By Tuesday the skies will clear and temperatures will rise.

According to Meteo-Tech Meteorological Services, plenty of rain for April fell in Israel over the weekend, especially in the north. More than 30 millimeters of snow fell in the Golan Heights, reaching as far as Mount Hermon's lower cable car.

Tiberias received 35 millimeters of rain, and according to the Israel Water Authority, 40 millimeters fell on Lake Kinneret, raising the water level by 2 centimeters. The rain, however, was not strong enough to revive the flow in the region's waterways.

The Mount Meron area near Safed received 37 millimeters of rain, while 36 millimeters fell further south in Kfar Sava. Rainfall in the Tel Aviv area was lighter, reaching just 13 millimeters as of Saturday evening.

Temperatures were below normal for the season Saturday; at 7 degrees Celsius the temperature in Jerusalem was 12 degrees below average. Some areas saw hail, while in some wind speeds reached 70 kilometers per hour.