It's impossible to ignore any longer the calming presence of the Shin Bet security service in our lives - from the hummus in Gaza to Noam Chomsky in Bir Zeit.

This hyperactivity demands an explanation: How can we explain that one arm is long and powerful, when it comes to those who wish to destroy us, whereas the other arm is short and delicate, when it comes to those exacting a "price tag."

At the beginning of the week, Aysar Zaban from a village near Ramallah was shot in the back and killed. He was 15 years old and will no longer throw stones at cars. They're looking for the gunman, and there's no chance they will find him.

How do I know? Very simple: Not a single settler has ever been caught. There have been hundreds of "terror-settler" events and all the avengers are still walking about free. There is evidence and there are traces, but there is no justice.

Bullets are fired, trees are chopped down, fields are set ablaze, window panes are shattered and houses are subject to pogroms while the representatives of law and order keep themselves safe and at a distance. Soldiers and policemen already understand the principle; the spirit of the commanders explained it to them.

How does a person dare make such accusations, just after Yaakov (Jack ) Teitel was finally caught? For 12 years he murdered Palestinians and planted explosive devices, and had he not made the foolish mistake of harming Jews as well - even though they were leftists - he would never have been found.

Now it has been ruled that his mental state makes him unfit to stand trial - as if Teitel has suddenly fallen ill with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. The right to go mad like a cow is reserved for Jewish terrorists only.

And if he's so crazy, how was he so cunning as well, managing to deceive the Shin Bet with such sophistication for so long?

And let's assume he is found to be normal - then they'll tailor a plea bargain for him. And let's assume he is convicted without a plea bargain and they make sure to get him pardoned.

If you plot only against the living, that's not so terrible. But plotting against the dead and sacred sites - that's really too much.

And look, six months ago a mosque in the West Bank village of Yasuf was torched. The president expressed shock and concern, and the prime minister ordered that the perpetrators be caught without delay.

But two weeks ago another mosque was torched, this time in Luban al-Sharqiya, and the foundations did not shake as they did the first time. They went up in flames.

When they torch a synagogue, wherever it may be, or desecrate Jewish graves or steal a sign from Auschwitz, the cry rises from here to the heavens: Catch the hooligans at once.

The stopwatch starts in Jerusalem; they check how determined the goyim are to act quickly in the fight against anti-Semitism.

It took the Poles three days, the Greeks less: After half a day they arrested the neo-Nazis in Thessaloniki who had sprayed swastikas and shattered tombstones, as we were informed this week.

Maybe "Jewish division" is what is hampering the investigations. Maybe the rioters from the settlements of Yitzhar, Havat Ma'on, Havat Gilad and Har Bracha are not ours at all, maybe they are only pretending to be Jews. Maybe an examination of bones will prove that they are pagans.

I've given you a tip, friends, a clue. Now get to work before fire emerges from the mosque and consumes, as the head of Central Command warned in a brigade exercise on the eve of the holiday - the eve of the terror.