Lecturers are not the only ones who have made allegations about the infringement of freedom of expression at BGU. Students, too, have lodged complaints. Last June, a Channel 2 News report by Haim Rivlin showed that campus security guards did not prevent students from handing out fliers containing right-wing messages by the entrance gate. However, they were quick to eject students who distributed fliers containing left-leaning opinions. Prof. Rivka Carmi: “I don’t remember what happened there. It’s hallucinatory and fabricated.”

Earlier, just after she became president, students asked her to revise a clause in the university charter that forbids demonstrating in the open air on campus. Carmi refused. The students went to court and won. “We were challenged and we amended the charter,” Carmi says. “I received legal advice stating that the students’ rights did not clash with the charter. Today I would definitely act differently.”


“Because it was not honorable to lose in court.”
Not because your opinion has changed?

“Absolutely not.”