"The Good Wife," starring Julianna Margulies in the role of the wife (Alicia Florrick ), is one of the most enjoyable dramas on the small screen today. This evening it returns to Yes Drama for a third season, in an episode that is especially relevant to the Israeli audience.

"The Good Wife" is not without flaws. There is something plastic (in both senses ) about all the characters, who look like mummified dolls, with the exception of Eli Gold (Alan Cumming ) - and there is a tone of self-righteousness that is characteristic of almost all American court dramas, not to mention the unnecessary emphasis last season on Florrick's teenaged children.

But this is an effective series. It provides an hour of viewing of a drama, a story that begins and ends in each episode, which centers around a legal issue with a little bit of politics in the office and outside. It has already been called the present-day "L.A. Law," although it contains no comic element.

Above all, Margulies succeeds in endowing the character with warmth, intelligence and common sense. In the new season, through the mask of makeup, there are also signs of sex appeal.

The series follows the wife (Margulies, of "ER" ) of a district attorney (Chris North, of "Sex and the City" ) who was involved in both sex and corruption scandals. She has returned to work as a litigator in the firm of Stern, Lockhart & Gardner, after years during which she raised their children. Throughout the time of crisis, at least ostensibly, she stood at his side. The plot was inspired by the true story of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.

Meanwhile, her husband was released from prison and returned to his job, but Alicia decided at the end of the second season, as a result of developments, not to forgive him, and asked him to leave the house.

During the new season she looks happy and liberated - her hair is no longer forcibly straightened, her clothes are less tailored. Is that because of a development in her relations with Will, the senior partner in the firm, which apparently became closer at the end of the previous season?

The first legal case she handles this season is that of a Muslim student of Palestinian origin who is accused of the murder of a Jewish student, a classmate of his. The victim is found tied up, with 45 stab wounds on his body and a swastika drawn on his forehead (but it is drawn inside-out ).

Eli Gold, her husband's political adviser who has begun to work out of the office of Stern, Lockhart & Gardner, handles this case indirectly. He nevertheless provides a few comic moments to this drama when he becomes the Jewish political strategist who formulates a pro-Muslim campaign about the Arab Spring.

"The Good Wife." Yes Drama, 9:15 P.M.