Israelis’ favorite vacation destinations for the Passover holiday are New York, Paris, London and Bangkok, said El Al.

The airline increased its capacity to destinations in Western Europe, and is using jumbo airliners on its flights to Bangkok throughout April.

Travel agency websites point to a similar trend − 15.5% of flight searches last month were for New York, according to the site for Dizenhaus Unitours, an IDB group company. Another 10% of searches were for Amsterdam; 9.5% were for Paris, 9% were for London and 8% were for Rome.

The most popular package tour destinations were Barcelona ‏(10% of searches‏), Prague ‏(7%‏), Rome ‏(6.5%‏), Amsterdam ‏(6%‏) and Rhodes ‏(5%‏).

For vacations within Israel, Eilat was the most popular destination, pulling 11% of flight searches and 23% of vacation package searches. Trailing Eilat were the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv and the north.

Another IDB company, Flights and Tourism, estimated that 400,000 Israelis went away for the holiday, either within Israel or abroad.

An Israir representative reported that its most popular destinations this Passover were Rome, Berlin, Nice and Rhodes. The airline saw a 15% increase in traffic over last Passover, the representative said.

Arkia saw a 20% increase in traffic, the airline’s VP-marketing told TheMarker.