If the accessories in Castro’s summer collection failed to make an impression, things are different with the fashion chain’s fall-winter collection. This season’s accessories gather together all the stories of the plentiful new clothing collection and complement its finer points.

The idea, says chief designer Shahar Danziger, is to forge a closer link between the accessories and the clothing. As a result, the line is free of clutter: very deliberate lines of bags and shoes, a few scarves, gloves and hats. That’s it.

Last week’s fashion show demonstrated this approach: Clean, precise styling by in-house stylist Limor Zohar Shavit showed a sharp winter look, whether it was bottle green from head to toe, or avoiding over-accessorizing and making do with a matching handbag, scarf or pair of gloves.

Take, for example, the square doctor’s bag, in dark olive green, blue, caramel or light green. It’s mid-sized, made of a faux leather of uncompromising quality, and extremely comfortable to carry. Its precision makes it a good match for many of the collection’s looks.

The black, snakeskin-feel clutch, part of the exclusive black clothing line, is fairly simple at first glance, but can easily complement eveningwear as well as a daytime outfit. This bag, says Danziger, can be an evening clutch but can also hold documents, small toiletries for travel, and can easily be carried inside a larger bag.

Tall boots with stiletto heels can also successfully accessorize different lines in the collection: from the more casual red line, through the denim line, to the more exclusive black and leather lines.

One may discern two sources of inspiration for the shoes and boots. The first is tap and Charleston, in the form of shoes with chunky heels that have received a contemporary interpretation as Oxfords with thin laces, in snakeskin, zebra and jacquard patterns.

The second is ski and snow, in the form of mid-calf, lace-up women’s boots and men’s shoes with low, flat platforms or thick leather soles. The winter sports inspiration is visible also in the tall riding boots, reaching the knee and even over the knee, which relate directly to the collection’s elegant black line.

All in all, the accessories are well designed and show that, this year, precision is the name of the game at Castro.

Women − shoes: NIS 160-400; boots: NIS 250-900; belts: NIS 40-100; bags: NIS 90-500; wallets: NIS 70-100; scarves: NIS 40-130.

Men − shoes: NIS 200-500; boots: NIS 500-600; belts: NIS 30-130; scarves: NIS 80-130; hats: NIS 50-130; ties: NIS 80-130.