Four armed Palestinians were killed over the weekend during attempted attacks on Israel Defense Forces troops and in other incidents in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian sources reported that Zayid Dohan, 19, was killed in the early hours of Friday morning near the Kissufim checkpoint. Dohan was the son of Abdel Fatah Dohan, one of the founders of Hamas in the Gaza Strip and a member of the new Palestinian parliament. He was killed while trying to place an explosive device near the perimeter fence.

The Popular Resistance Committees, a Fatah splinter group in the Strip, assumed responsibility for the attempted bombing, and claimed that Dohan was affiliated with the group. Other sources in the Strip said, however, that Dohan was a known Hamas operative.

At around the same time, IDF soldiers spotted four armed Palestinians trying to cross the perimeter fence about a kilometer away from the first incident.

A tank crew opened fire with machine guns, killing Suleiman Hamida, 20, and wounding a second man. A third Palestinian was arrested and transferred for interrogation in Israel, and the fourth fled back into the Strip. Palestinian police later detonated an explosive device found at the scene and removed the casualties.

In another incident on Friday morning, the Israel Air Force fired missiles at a car traveling in Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip. Military sources said the men in the car had tried to launch a Qassam rocket but had failed. Three Palestinians were wounded in the air strike.

Also on Friday morning, Abdel Muati Abu-Def, a bomb-maker from Hamas, was killed and another operative was wounded in an explosion inside a house in Gaza's Zeitun neighborhood. The blast apparently occured accidentally while Abu-Def was instructing Hamas operatives about bomb-making.

Yesterday, Gaza's Shifa Hospital reported the death of Musa Abu Shaluf, 22, a Fatah militant who was wounded two weeks ago during an IDF operation in the Beit Lahia region. Shaluf was hit by tank fire directed at an area from which Qassam rockets had been launched.

At least four rockets were launched from the northern Gaza Strip toward Israel over the weekend. Two rockets landed in open spaces near Kibbutz Gabim and the others landed within the Gaza Strip. The IDF fired some 100 shells at the northern Strip from early Friday morning until late into the night, while the air force attacked eight access roads in that region. The artillery barrage was resumed yesterday morning.

In the West Bank yesterday, the Police Special Anti-Terror Unit entered Jericho and arrested a Fatah operative, Sami Akilan, who is suspected of dispatching two would-be suicide bombers to Israel in 2003. The bombers were arrested. Akilan had recently been plotting to dispatch more bombers shortly.

In the main, the IDF has refrained from operating in Jericho since the Palestinians resumed security responsibility for the city about a year ago.