"Grey's Anatomy," Yes Drama, 9:15. The fifth-year residents return to Seattle's Mercy Grace Hospital for a decisive year in their career. Meredith will deal with the results of her interference in Derek's trial; and Cristina and Owen are unable to settle their differences regarding their unborn baby.

"Curiosity." Discovery, 10:20. A program that tries to answer interesting questions such as what will eternal life look like? Is there a God? And what about aliens? And why is sex so important?

"Mister Sunshine." Comedy Central, 10:35. A series that was supposed to put Matthew Perry back in the center of the frame, but failed with too much effort to be not just funny but bizarre. It's aired every night. This evening, in the episode "Heather's Sister," Crystal (Allison Janney of "The West Wing" ) asks Alonzo to walk her show dog in a prestigious event. Heather fixes Ben up with her sister, who turns out to be as crazy as she is.

"The Secret Diaries of Ann Lister." BBC Entertainment, 10:40. A drama based on the diaries of a woman who lived from 1791 to 1840 and flouted the social conventions of the day by having romantic relationships with women.

"Memphis Beat." Hot Zone, 10:45. This evening begins the second and final season of this series about Dwight Hendricks (the usually likable Jason Lee ), a police detective from the music capital of Memphis, and his demanding female boss, Tanya Rice (Alfre Woodard ). An internal affairs investigator, Claire Ryan (Beau Garrett ), enters Hendricks' life and becomes the object of his affections. Meanwhile, he deals with the release of a prisoner, which brings back memories of his father, a policeman who was killed in the line of duty.

"Castle." Yes Action, 10:50. More policemen return to the screen tonight. This series about the beautiful police detective Kate Beckett and Castle, a writer of mystery fiction who is interested in her, returns for the fourth season, after the previous one ended with a shooting that almost killed Beckett. She is truly back in action, but ignores things said at precisely that critical moment.

"CSI: New York." Channel 1, 11:00. Yet more policemen. This series plays up forensic pathologists. In the seventh episode of this sixth season there's a collision between a private car and a truck. An examination of the scene of the accident leads the investigators to suspicion of a crime in evidence of kidnappings.

Joaquin Phoenix documentary "I'm Still Here." Channel 8, 11:10. Portrait of an exciting year in the stormy life of actor Joaquin Phoenix, who announced his retirement from his successful acting career in 2008 and said he would reinvent himself as a hip-hop artist.

"Conan." Comedy Central, 12:15. On his talk show, the redheaded giant hosts Matthew Perry.

"True Hollywood Story - Casey Anthony." E! 12:45. Maybe because of her looks and her love of a good time, this woman, who was accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter and escaped punishment, has become a kind of celebrity, and therefore had a film made about her on "Hollywood Stories."