What is the meaning of the most useful word chafif, which language did we get it from, and how do you make the most of it in your Hebrew slang? And there’s a verb, too, lechafef.

Words and expressions:
Chafif - חָפִיף
Damo Kh'fif - דָמוֹ חָ’פִיף
Take life chafif - קְחוּ חָפִיף את החַיִים
Chafifnik - חָפִיפְנִיק
Chafifnikiut - חָפִיפְנִיקִיוּת
Lechafef, chifafta, mechafef - לְחַפֵף, חִיפַפְתָ, מְחַפֵף
Mechufaf - מְחוּפָף

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