The weather on Friday is expected to be partly cloudy, but relatively hot and dry. Winds will intensify during the afternoon, as cooler, moister air makes its way into the area, bringing with it light rain to northern Israel. The rain will make its way toward the center and south of the country as well.

The Mediterranean Sea is expected to be choppy, with waves ranging between 100 and 270 centimeters, or roughly between 3 and 9 feet.

Southwestern winds are expected to gust at speeds of between 30 and 50 km per hour, or between 18 and 31 miles per hour.

Saturday will be partly cloudy, and unseasonably cool. Light rains are expected to fall during long intervals in northern and central Israel, but should cease by the evening.

Sunday will be bright and sunny, and should bring with it an increase in temperature and a decrease in humidity, though Sunday night will be unseasonably cold. Monday will be bright and unseasonably warm, with eastern winds gusting in the north.

A cold front hovering above Turkey and the eastern Mediterranean is causing light rains in our area.