Former Accountant General Yaron Zelekha has contributed NIS 5,000 to the primary campaign of Labor Party chief Shelly Yacimovich, her first contributor in the run-up to the party election due on November 14.

Zelekha, a former staunch supporter of the Likud party, has slammed Benjamin Netanyahu’s government for allegedly exacerbating the economic slowdown with misguided tax policies. In 2011, Zelekha contributed NIS 1,000 to Yacimovich’s campaign; the maximum candidates can receive from a single contributor is NIS 43,000.

“Yacimovich has made a major contribution to the socioeconomic debate. In the last few years, she has altered the culture of the socioeconomic discussion and has revealed that the security-political discussion – no matter how important – has often served Israel’s governments as a smokescreen to conceal or prevent the discussion of grave social and economic problems,” Zelekha told TheMarker.

“Over the past few months, Yacimovich has shown that she is committed to the campaign promises she made before the election, unlike other politicians who regard their election promises as mere recommendations,” said Zelekha, now dean of the Ono Academic College business school.

In January, before the Knesset election, Zelekha attended a Labor Party rally with Yacimovich in Modi’in. “For the first time in five years, a leader of a major Israeli party has presented an economic plan that could bring about a dramatic change in Israel’s socioeconomic situation and that relies on the most powerful growth engine we have: the buying power of the middle class,” he told TheMarker at the time.

According to Zelekha, workers’ trust in Yacimovich could help her put in motion vital reforms at government companies such as the Israel Electric Corporation and the ports.