1. According to Globes magazine, the two academics under the age of 40 who are “most likely to succeed,” are IDC Herzliya faculty members, Dr. Guy Hoffman, a researcher and lecturer in the Sammy Ofer School of Communications and co-director of the IDC Media Innovation Lab, and Dr. Liav Orgad, researcher and lecturer at the Radzyner School of Law, now on sabbatical at Columbia University.

2. IDC Herzliya is ranked number one out of all of the universities and colleges in Israel, in overall student satisfaction, including faculty member availability. This survey was conducted by the National Student Union in the State of Israel.

3. In this year’s annual National Collegiate Sports Competition in Israel, IDC Herzliya was ranked number one in the nation in the overall sports tournament out of all universities and colleges competing for this coveted title.

4. A recent survey ranked IDC Herzliya number one in the State of Israel out of all of the nation’s academic institutions, for the assistance rendered to students who serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reserves. Assisting these students upon their return to studies has always been a top priority at IDC Herzliya. This survey was conducted by the National Student Union and the Chief Reserves Officer of the IDF.

5. An astounding 27% of IDC Herzliya is comprised of international students studying for full undergraduate and graduate degrees at the Raphael Recanati International School. With 1,600 students from 84 different countries, the school has more international students than any university in the nation in absolute and relative terms. At least 70% of these students opt to permanently stay in Israel upon graduation.

6. A renowned international academic committee appointed by the Council for Higher Education recently gave the Lauder School of Government at IDC Herzliya high marks. They emphasized the international visibility and strong reputation of the Lauder School and were most impressed by its accomplishments. This is not surprising, with recent publications of its researchers’ books, by Harvard University Press, Yale University Press and Cambridge University Press, and its joint workshops with Columbia, Stanford and Harvard.

7. The Radzyner School of Law is among the top three law schools in the country in terms of the percentage of graduates who pass the Israel Bar Exam.

8. In the upcoming 2013-2014 academic year, IDC Herzliya will celebrate 20 years since its establishment by Prof. Uriel Reichman. The festivities will take place on the beautiful IDC campus, which was built on an abandoned Israeli Air Force base.