What is the Mission Statement of IDC Herzliya?
At IDC Herzliya, our mission statement emphasizes that we are Zionists and here to contribute to the State of Israel and the Jewish People. Professor Uriel Reichman, the founder and president of IDC Herzliya, emphasizes the concept of “freedom and responsibility. We have literally dozens of volunteer social service programs. We also believe in the concept of “the student as partner,” and that the university was created not for the professors, but for the students. This is exemplified by the supportive and nurturing attitude of the faculty and staff towards the students, and confirmed in a recent national survey, where IDC Herzliya came out tops in “student satisfaction.” IDC Herzliya also believes in “startup academia” and encourages students to initiate, innovate, invent and create. Practically every extracurricular program at IDC Herzliya was created by the students, who are taught to be entrepreneurs and hit the ground running.

How is IDC different?
One major difference is that 25 percent of our student body hails from 84 countries, making us the State of Israel’s most international university. South Africans need a good matric result to be accepted. As well, a huge percentage of students are graduates from elite IDF units. We are considered by many in Israel to be an avant-garde and premier social science university, whose graduates are sought after by the country’s top employers. We take our international students by the hand and walk them through the various bureaucratic hurdles that face newcomers in this country. We also cater to all parts of Israeli society, and our “Israel at Heart Program,” boasts one of the highest per capita numbers of Ethiopian students, many of whom are former IDF officers and commanders.

What are our advantages?
IDC Herzliya is considered a prestigious university both nationally and internationally. Our graduates are found at top universities around the world, pursuing their master’s and doctorate degrees. Our faculty members are first-class academicians who hail from Ivy League and other world renowned universities. They take an active interest in their students and utilize our open-door policy in which students and faculty work together. A recent survey conducted by the IDF and the National Student Union ranked IDC Herzliya number one in the country in the way we assist and relate to our reservists. Another advantage is the possibility of networking with students from over 80 countries and making friends for life with individuals from around the world, while learning about the national characteristics of such a heterogeneous group in classroom situations. Yet another advantage is the cultural and social, as well as counseling, assistance provided by the RRIS team (International school staff) - so that while a student may be thousands of miles from home, they feel that they are still among family.