The expected rise in Arak prices continues to spark creative forms of protest, with the new taxes on alcohol to go into effect July 1.

Following the furious post by Israeli blogger Eshton, and countless status updates, tweets, and other posts in protest of the price hikes, here is the anthem of the Arak protest:

“Hey fatsos, take it all, but if you want to survive, let us drink, god dammit. If you make us sober – we’ll make you like Mubarak. If you want to survive, don’t touch our arak.

"You don’t think things through, if we don’t get drunk, the designated driver won’t have any friends. We won’t be able to get through a family dinner with the parents. What’s the matter? Is this Iran? You couldn’t find anything else to demand?

"When we get to the bottom of the bottle, how will we calm our heads, when all we’ve got left is grape juice?

"You all don’t bat an eyelash – because it doesn’t affect your whiskey. Yes you’ve found a solution, you don’t need to be a genius – you get to drink and give us the bill.”

This new song, by the Shmemel Band, is dedicated to the blogger Eshton, and includes collaboration from other Israeli artists, including the band Funkenstein, Avi Greinik, Sharon Teicher, Guri Alfasi, and Ester Rada.