President Shimon Peres' 90th birthday celebrations reached their pinnacle evening in Jerusalem with a massive, star studded party that coincided with the opening of the fifth annual Israeli Presidential Conference.

The Israel Police is pessimistic about the chances of putting a stop to the hate crimes carried out by extreme right-wing activist with nationalistic motives over the next few months, despite plans to bolster law enforcement in that realm.


The Health Ministry has ordered health maintenance organizations to gradually phase out their gender-segregated medical services in ultra-Orthodox areas, a practice discovered recently.

The board of directors of the Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund decided to oppose a plan to drill for shale oil in the area south of Beit Shemesh until it obtains more information about both the risks of fracking and the likely value of the project.

The civil war in Syria contributed to push the numbers of refugees and those displaced by conflict within their own nation to an 18-year high of 45.2 million worldwide by the end of 2012, the UN refugee agency.

Michael Applebaum, the first Jewish mayor of Montreal, resigned after he was charged with fraud and corruption in the latest major Canadian municipal scandal.

The U.K.'s highest court has ruled that the British government was wrong to have imposed sanctions on an Iranian bank in 2009 over alleged links to Iran's nuclear program.

Labor MK Nachman Shai formed a new caucus designed to improve Knesset members' understanding of the American Jewish community. According to a statement from Shai, the caucus dedicated to U.S. – Israel relations will "educate Knesset members about … the culture, religious diversity, [and] how U.S. Jews view Israel."