Russia's foreign minister says Iran is willing to halt its 20 percent enrichment of uranium, which has been a key concession sought in international negotiations over Iran's nuclear program.

This comes after Iran's president-elect Hasan Rowhani pledged on Monday to be more transparent about Tehran's atomic work in order to see sanctions lifted but  also said Iran was not ready to suspend its enrichment of uranium.

Laszlo Csatary, 98, the "most wanted" Nazi war criminal who allegedly deported 15,700 Jews to Auschwitz and abused many others, has been indicted in Hungary; he denies the charges.

The police are investigating an attack in Abu Ghosh in which tires of 28 cars were punctured and the words 'Arabs out' were scrawled on a wall in graffiti.

Top Israeli businessmen warn Netanyahu that the stalled peace process will ruin Israel's economy; citing lack of progress toward a two-state solution, these business leaders expressed their worry to the PM over signals from the international business community.

The discovery of an ancient ritual bath, a mikveh, in a small farming village in southeastern Connecticut makes waves among U.S. Jews; countering common conceptions about the Russian immigrants who came to America.

The idea of establishing a Palestinian state in the Land of Israel has reached a "dead end," Economy Minister Naftali Bennett said on Monday, as the double-talk from the government regarding the conflict with the Palestinians continues.

Speaking at the Peres Academic Center Monday, Clinton stated that Israel must make peace with Palestinians in order to survive; he said that there is "no credible alternative to a two-state solution had been presented that would preserve Israel's character as a Jewish and democratic state." Ahead of his 90th birthday and the opening of his Israeli Presidential Conference, Shimon Peres talks about Syria, Iran and the future.