Economy minister Naftali Bennett said Israel must stop trying to solve the Palestinian conflict by offering the two-state solution and 'live with it.' The Land of Israel has been the home of the People of Israel for 3,000 years, he said. "The house is ours and we are residents here, not the occupiers."

Price tag attacks cannot be compared to Hamas terror, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. The security cabinet ultimately decided to declare the perpetrators against Palestinians and their property a 'forbidden organization.' Declaring price tag attackers as terrorists, Netanyahu said, would damage Israel's international standing.

A car bomb targeting a checkpoint near a military airport in the Syrian capital of Damascus has killed 10 soldiers and wounded 10 others, activists reported.

The results of the Iranian election underscore the limitations of Israeli Military Intelligence, who failed to detect a hint of the final result, writes Haaretz analyst Amos Harel.

The annual spending budget of the World Zionist Organization Settlement Department’s is several times higher than its original budget, Haaretz has learned. In 2012, the department - which owns almost all the land allotted to building settlements in the West Bank - was granted an annual budget of NIS 60.3 million, while its expenses reached NIS 272 million.

The cabinet decided to appoint a committee that will elect Israel's chief rabbis, dimming hopes for some contenders, especially Zionist chief rabbis.

An employee of NGO Monitor, a group often describes as right-leaning, was recently banned from editing articles on Wikipedia about the Israeli-Arab conflict for biases and not revealing his place of work.

Health Minister Yael German is seeking to amend current laws to make organ donation the default for Israelis renewing their drivers' licenses, and to enable same-sex couples and singles to have children through surrogate births.