The Syrian civil war, born from pro-democracy demonstrations that started as part of the Arab Spring, has evolved into the Muslim version of the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939. Anshel Pfeffer reports on conditions in Syria and its neighbor Turkey's growing reluctance to get involved.

Samantha Power, the next American Ambassador to the UN, is Israel's unlikely line of defense, says Barak Ravid. Though opposed by the far right, the news of Obama's choice for ambassador was well-received by Netanyahu's advisers and other leading officials.

Shas Spiritual Leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef decried chief Ashkenazi rabbi candidate Rabbi David Stav as "dangerous to Judaism."

A vote scheduled for Sunday on civil unions in Israel has been put off indefinitely, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said.

It took the Police more than three hours to bring two minors arrested on suspicion of torching Palestinian property to court. A Jerusalem judge's comment that "hitches" are common in bringing Jewish suspects to court has drawn criticism upon the Israel Police district responsible for law enforcement in the West Bank.

A gun was stolen overnight Friday from a base in northern Israel. This is the second time in the past eight months such an incident occurred in the Naftali base and Military Police and the base's commanders opened an investigation.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein admitted that he failed to prevent 'anti-Haredi' economic decrees. He urged that in future years the Arrangements Bill should only contain provisions directly related to the budget.

The new automated airport baggage system at Ben-Gurion International Airport is facing problems as operations at the terminal were halted twice last week due to malfunctions.