The Obama administration is on the verge of approving arms shipments to Syrian rebels; a decision could be reached this week. Obama was leaning closer toward signing off on sending weapons to vetted, moderate rebel units, officials said.

Israel confirmed that it has reached an agreement with an African country willing to absorb African migrants living in Israel, and is working to establish similar deals with four other nations. The government refused to reveal which countries are involved.

The U.S. House of Representatives Armed Services Committee approved a $488 million increase in military aid to Israel. The funds will pay for the procurement and development of additional rocket and missile interception systems.

The source of leaked NSA surveillance data identified himself as an ex-CIA worker acting out of conscience to protect "basic liberties for people around the world." He is seeking asylum while the U.S. confirms that a criminal leak investigation is in its early stages.

The strike in the Foreign Ministry is harming national security, top Mossad, Shin Bet, and Defense Ministry officials told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A no-confidence motion is to be presented in the Knesset over the strike as Netanyahu is being urged to intervene and find a solution.

Figures on the number of security wiretaps conducted by Israel's Shin Bet security service over the past five years will remain confidential despite a request by an Israeli NGO to reveal the data. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's bureau refused to divulge the information on the grounds that it would harm national security.

The protocol requiring Israeli citizens living in Gaza to undergo tissue testing as a condition for a permit to visit the country or renew their IDs has been dropped by the Interior Ministry. The Interior Ministry was ordered by the courts to find other ways of ascertaining applicant's identities.

Former Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman responded to reports on Army Radio that there has been a de facto settlement freeze in Jerusalem neighborhoods located beyond the Green Line. "One should view this as a temporary hiatus," Lieberman said. "to allow John Kerry to succeed in renewing peace talks."