Austria's decision to pull its 300 troops from UNDOF – approximately one-third of the peacekeeping force on the Syrian border – proves that any future agreement with the Palestinians must be based on Israel's terms of security, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during Sunday's cabinet meeting.

America's National Security Agency has developed an accurate tool, called the 'Boundless Informant,' for documenting and examining where intelligence information comes from, a report published by The Guardian on Saturday said.

Demonstrators in Istanbul expressed profound disappointment with the established Turkish media for not offering suitable coverage.

Any future war Israel fights will involve massive attempts to hack Israel's computer and infrastructure networks – and the rival side has the ability to do it – said the founder of Israel's first cyber-defense unit.

Despite fear of a repeat of last month's clashes with ultra-Orthodox protesters, Women of the Wall's monthly prayer service at the Kotel ended peacefully.

One in every six men drafted into the IDF does not complete his full three years of military service, internal Israeli army figures show. The dropout rate for women is 7.5 percent.

The Jewish National Fund has backed out of paying the $500,000 sum to cover former U.S. President Bill Clinton's speech at a gala evening at the Peres Academic Center, after public outcry.

New Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah helped turn Al-Najah University into a flourishing and influential body as told by the Nablus campus, students and faculty.