Forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime recaptured the Quneitra border crossing – the only one between Syria and Israel – hours after it was seized by opposition combatants. Eyewitnesses reported heavy exchange of fire and smoke rising from the area.

An Israel Treasury document reveals how funds are transferred to the Mossad and the Shin Bet. The budgets of Israel's intelligence agencies don't appear in the annual budget made available to the public and even to the Knesset, rather it is hidden under "general [budgetary] reserves."

Police arrested a fourth suspect in connection with the 2009 attack on a gay youth center, which left two dead and shocked the country. The suspect is apparently an activist in the gay community and is being held for allegedly knowing the motivation for the murders and obstructing police investigation by not sharing that information.

Israeli soldiers entered the West Bank town of Kafr Qaddum several days ago to post leaflets warning "wanted" Palestinian youths: We're going to catch you. The boys and their families say they are living in fear.

Susan Rice will receive approval from Jewish groups as the new appointee for U.S. National Security Adviser, but Samantha Power faces an uphill battle as nominee for Rice's replacement as Ambassador to the United Nations. Power's appointment requires Senate confirmation and she will be challenged by Jewish groups for controversial comments about Israel.

Plans for construction of a new interchange between Jerusalem and Ma'alah Adumim will likely be approved by the Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee. Opponents say the new road system will promote construction in the controversial E-1 area and perpetuate discrimination against Palestinians.

Israel's Health Minister Yael German promised full child allowances to families that choose not to vaccinate their babies Wednesday. German said she intends to repeal the 2009 amendment allowing the state to reduce funding to these families.

Rabbi David Lau, chief rabbi of Modi'in and son of former chief rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, said Wednesday he is "seriously considering" running for the post of chief Ashkenazi rabbi. Lau said that, if elected, he could be "everybody's rabbi".