Report: Gaza Authorities Neutralize 5 Tons of Unexploded Ordnance From War

Police engineers say ordnance came from Israeli attacks on Gaza during Israel-Hamas war.

Smoke rises after an Israeli air strike in Gaza City on August 3, 2014. AP

Gaza police engineers have neutralized about five tons of unexploded ordnance from Khan Yunis and Rafah that they said was left over from explosives dropped by Israel during its war with Hamas this summer, Iran's Fars News Agency reported Wednesday.

"Five tons of munitions had been collected from the areas of Khan Yunis and Rafah as a first stage," said Imad Al-Amasi, director of the explosives engineering division in Gaza's Interior Ministry, according to the report.

He said the ordnance included "heavy bombs, missiles of different sizes, types and shapes, and artillery shells" that were collected from "different residential and border areas that were subject to bombing or ground invasion."

Six people, including an Associated Press video journalist, were killed in mid-August during an earlier effort to neutralize ordnance in the Gaza town of Beit Lahiya.