Dozens Killed, Hundreds Wounded in Syria Election Event

Syrian TV reports 39 people killed and 305 wounded in a mortar attack on a pro-Assad campaign event.

Backers of Syrian President Bashar Assad in Damascus, Syria, Friday, May 23, 2014.AP

Syrian state TV says the toll from a mortar attack on an election campaign tent packed with supporters of President Bashar Assad is 39 people killed and 305 wounded.

The TV showed pictures of Assad supporters in a tent in the southern city of Daraa dancing. It then showed people lying dead and wounded on the ground, including children. It was the first death toll provided by the government for the attack, which opposition activists earlier said killed 21.

The attack was the first to target a campaign event, heightening fears in government strongholds that rebels will escalate attacks in an attempt to disrupt the balloting scheduled to take place on June 3.