Lod Mother Shot to Death as Spate of Murders Continues

This is the third murder in the city this month and the ninth since January, most of which are unsolved.

A 33-year-old Lod woman was shot to death in the city yesterday, and the car she was driving was riddled with bullets.

This is the third murder in the city this month and the ninth since January, most of which are unsolved.

Scene of the killing in Lod, Nir Keidar
Nir Keidar

About 30 people demonstrated last night outside the Lod police station to protest the spate of murders. More police officers, along with Border Police officers, are being sent to Lod.

One resident, Aharon Attias, said people have blamed the string of murders on feuds between rival families or so-called honor killings, which generally involve women in Arab families being killed by family members for what they deem to be inappropriate behavior.

But that is no excuse, said Attias. "From our standpoint, every murder is murder," he said.

He added that Arab and Jewish residents in the town have spoken of establishing joint patrols. Police don't think yesterday's murder involved a dispute between clans, since women are generally not involved in such disputes.

The woman killed yesterday has been identified as Abir Abu-Katifu, a mother of five. A neighbor near the scene described hearing shots and seeing people remove Abu-Katifu from the car. Residents of the area complained that the police took an inordinate amount of time to get to the scene. Police say, however, they required intelligence work to locate the crime scene, since the first report of the shooting came from a hospital where the victim was taken and they then had to find her car.

The last two murders in Lod took place at the beginning of this month, 48 hours apart. On October 3, Sami Hijazi, 41, was shot while in his car across from his house in the center of the city. Two days later, a 27-year-old woman named Amel Halili was shot in her car within sight of her brother and daughter. The police said Halili was killed "over family honor," a contention strongly denied by family members.