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Renowned Jewish Film Director Questioned at Israel Airport for Sexual Harassment

French film director, Claude Lanzmann, most well-known for his 1985 documentary film 'Shoah', allegedly hugs and kisses a Ben Gurion Airport security worker against her will.

French film director, Claude Lanzmann, was detained and investigated by Ben Gurion Airport officials on Tuesday for allegedly sexually harassing a female security worker.

Lanzmann, who is Jewish and was in Israel for a visit, arrived at the airport accompanied by two others in order to return to Paris. According to the security worker’s complain, Lanzmann passed the security check without any difficulties. Upon completing the check, he allegedly came up to her from behind, and hugged and kissed her against her will.

Claude Lanzmann - Itzik Ben Malchi - February 2012
Itzik Ben Malchi

Upon filing the complaint, Lanzmann was taken in for investigation, after which he was released and allowed to board the plane and make his way to France.

Lanzmann is most well-known for his 1985 documentary film Shoah, which chronicles the Nazi genocide during World War II.