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Oscar-winning Actor Sean Penn to Play Nazi Hunting Rockstar

'This Must Be the Place' will mark Italian director Paolo Sorrentino's English-language feature debut.

Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn has agreed to take on the starring role in a film about a retired musician who sets out to find his father's Nazi executioner, according to media reports.

Penn is to play an ageing wealthy rocker who grows bored of his retirement and goes on a quest to find his father's killer, an ex-Nazi war criminal taking refuge in the U.S.

The screenplay of "This Must Be the Place" was co-written by Sorrentino and Umberto Contarello, and marks Italian director Paolo Sorrentino's English-language feature debut.

Penn will take on the new role once he has completed filming for his current three projects - "The Three Stooges", "Cartel" and "Fair Game".

Penn took home his second Best Actor Oscar last year after starring in the title role of "Milk", as San Francisco's first openly gay Jewish councilman.

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