Living the Vision / 'I Knew My Life's Goal Was to Try and Make Israel Find Peace'

U.S. ex-envoy to Israel Martin Indyk tells Leadel.NET why he thinks roadmap is still possible.

"I knew my job in life was to try and make Israel find peace," says Martin Indyk, former U.S. ambassador to Israel.

In this behind the scenes glimpse at his life, Indyk - one of the most influential people in the middle east over the last two decades - tells Jewish World contributor leadel.NET why he still believes in the roadmap to peace.

(Video powered by Leadel.NET)

Indyk was born in England, raised in Australia and developed his career mostly in the U.S. He has spent a lifetime researching and influencing Middle East deplomacy, moving between real world politics and academia without losing faith in his stated goal - peace between Israel and its neighbors.

This is the first of Leadel.NET'S 'Living the Vision' series on The Jewish World.

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