Modern Manna Recipe / Esther Levy’s Twisted Bread

Adapted from Jewish Cookery Book by Esther Levy.

Three quarts of water, Luke-warm, a spoonful of salt, half a pint of light yeast; stir in enough flour to make a thick batter, then let it stand to rise. After it is light enough add more flour to it, and knead it well.

When it rises sufficiently the second time, strew a little flour over the paste board; then take three good sized pieces of dough, and roll each piece under your hands, twelve inches long, making it smaller in circumference at the ends than in the middle.

Having rolled the pieces in this way, take a baking dish and lay one part on it, and braid them together the length of the rolls, then join the ends by pressing them together; Put it in pans greased with olive oil.

Dip a brush in milk, and pass it over the top of the loaf; after ten minutes or so set it in a quick oven, and bake for nearly an hour.