From Real-estate to Falafel - a Manhattan Meal Ticket

Ari Thaler's opened a kosher falafel stand when the financial bubble burst two years ago; now lines outside his NYC falafal truck prove it was a good financial move.

At lunchtime on a street corner on the west side of Manhattan, a spot not typically known for its cuisine, people with palates from East and West line the sidewalk for one thing — falafel.

Falafel balls, a well known Mediterranean dish made of chickpeas.

Customers at the Quick Stop truck, a “Moving Kosher Experience”, hungrily accept their large pita sandwiches stuffed to the brim with falafel balls, fresh vegetables, sauces and a baby pickle from the hands of a jovial fellow with a bushy red beard. It’s easy to infer that Ari Thaler is the owner of the kosher food truck because a caricature of him, complete with a big grin, a rotund figure and a purple-and-white suit, is painted on the side of the truck.

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