Church Director Uses Twitter to Broadcast the Bible

British man will 'tweet' Old and New Testaments chapter-by-chapter for the next three years.

A British church director said that he would be using one of the latest technological trends to bring the word of his god to the younger generation with what he believes are far shorter attention spans, the British Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

twitter bible
David Sheen

Using the Twitter social messaging service, he plans to summarize every chapter of the Bible into mere 140-character 'tweets' and publish them online for followers all over the globe.

Undertaking this monumental task is 30-year-old Chris Juby, the worship director of a church in Durham in the north of England.

Juby launched the Twitter feed a week ago, and if he continues at his current rate of posting once a day, he will have tweeted over 1000 chapters by late 2013.

Juby acknowledges that summarizing a whole chapter of biblical text into a single sentence is no easy task. On his website, he reflects, "the challenge of being so brief will force me to engage with the text and understand the key themes. And that's partly the point in the first place - I want to be an active rather than a passive reader of Scripture!"

The twitter account @biblesummary already has over 1500 followers worldwide. Juby says that he will attempt to retain the 'style' of the original scripture. His first tweet for the Book of Genesis, chapter one, reads: "God created the heavens, the earth and everything that lives. He made humankind in his image, and gave them charge over the earth."