limmud - Mitchell Griver - January 7 2011
A session at Limmud. Courses range from "Stress Management for the Modern Jew" to "How Matza Became Square." Photo by Mitchell Griver
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Synagogue religious education, an often alienating rite of passage for generations of Jews, is in for a major transformation under an experimental program set to launch next year.

The experiment, sponsored by the Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning, will see children whose parents sign them up for synagogue Hebrew schools also exposed to Jewish camps, Jewish community centers and Jewish day schools as part of the package.

The Washington-based Partnership, which hopes to reach participation agreements with five synagogues, a day school, a JCC and one Jewish camp within the next few months, plans to incorporate all these modes of Jewish education into a more integrated and cooperative whole. What, in that case, is the plan?

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