The ‘Jewish Guys’
The ‘Jewish Guys’: Leslie Singer, left, and Phil Kaplan. Photo by Courtesy of UALR Public Radio
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Little Rock, Ark. — You don’t need flashing reindeer lawn ornaments to tell you it’s the happiest time of the year in Arkansas’s capital. Simply tune into FM 89 KUAR in December for the “Jewish Guys’ Chanukah Special,” with co-hosts Phil Kaplan and Leslie Singer.

The 60-minute annual shtick-and-music show, which is broadcast annually on the local public radio station, is considered a Little Rock Christmas tradition. Just ask the 300 people who attended the November 29 live taping of this year’s special, at the William J. Clinton Presidential Center.

“This show almost makes me want to be Jewish,” said one audience member, a man in a dark-green button-down shirt and red-and-green bowtie, as he munched on pre-show latkes, which he enjoyed but couldn’t identify. He and his wife were celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary by attending their fourth taping. The show will air on December 25.

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