Nut pralines
Nut pralines
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Ingredients For 250 grams:

3/4 cup sugar

3/4 cup (100 grams) whole, shelled, unsalted hazelnuts (or other nuts)


Heat the sugar in a small, heavy pot over a low flame, until it melts and browns (be careful not to burn).

Stir in the nuts, continuing to heat over a low flame, until the caramelized sugar recovers from the cold shock from the room-temperature nuts, melts again and completely coats the nuts.

Tip the nuts out onto baking paper that has been lightly greased with butter, and spread evenly in a single layer. When the pralines cool, break them up with your hands and chop coarsely with a knife or grind in a food processor.

Use to cover or decorate cakes and desserts, as an ice cream topping, etc.