U.S. President Barack Obama speaks during Jewish American Heritage Month at the White House, 2011.
Members of the audience hold up cells phones and cameras as U.S. President Barack Obama speaks during a reception in honor of Jewish American Heritage Month at the White House, May 17, 2011. Photo by AP
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U.S. President Barack Obama issued a proclamation Wednesday proclaiming May 2014 Jewish American Heritage Month.

In the proclamation issued by the White House Obama stressed the contributions of Jewish Americans in the field of science, arts and business and especially the part Jews played in the Civil Rights Movement together with African American activists.

In his proclamation Obama also touched on the special relationship with Israel, saying Jewish American Heratage Month was also an opportunity to " renew our unbreakable bond with the nation of Israel. It is a bond that transcends politics, a partnership built on mutual interests and shared ideals."

"Our two countries are enriched by diversity and faith, fueled by innovation, and ruled not only by men and women, but also by laws," he continued. "As we continue working in concert to build a safer, more prosperous, more tolerant world, may our friendship only deepen in the years to come."

With relation to anti-Semitism, Obama brought up the recent murders in Kansas saying they made it clear that Jews still face bigotry in the U.S. "We must come together across all faiths, reject ignorance and intolerance, and root out hatred wherever it exists," he said.

He called on all Americans to observe this month with appropriate programs, activities and ceremonies and to visit www.JewishHeritageMonth.gov "to learn more about the heritage and contributions of Jewish Americans."
Congress legislated Jewish American Heritage Month in 2006 and Obama was the first president, in 2010, to mark it with a celebration.