Number the Stars
Number the Stars. Photo by Screenshot
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A New Jersey high school has removed a poster created by sixth-grade students after a Jewish member of staff complained that it was anti-Semitic, the website reported.

According to Louis DeLisio, superintendent in Fairview, a borough in Bergen Country, New Jersey, sixth grade students at Lincoln School were given a project last week to create posters based on the historical novel "Number the Stars," which deals with the Holocaust.

The offending poster featured an Israeli flag with a swastika inside the Star of David, blood on the flag, photographs of Jewish children with their faces crossed out and more. It was displayed in a hallway for several days.

A Jewish teacher complained about the poster. She was quoted by as saying that "it's highly offensive to anybody, especially someone who is Jewish and whose family members were survivors of the Holocaust."

DeLisio said he decided to have the poster taken down after speaking with the offended staff member, the classroom teacher and having viewed the poster himself.

"I run across this every once in a while, where one sector of our population is offended, and we always try to compromise," he told "We're not trying to offend anyone... my true feeling is they (the students) did not have any ill-intention with this poster. They were trying to depict things that were prohibited during the Holocaust."

District officials have not received any other complaints regarding the poster, DeLisio said.